Enthusiastic allotment helpers
Enthusiastic allotment helpers – photo Paul Lack

You have probably noticed that there has been some more progress on the shop

site. The main area of garden by the car park has been landscaped, and the

gardening group has begun to plant it up with wild-life friendly shrubs and

herbs. The aim is to attract both pollinators (for the allotments and

orchard) and birds which will help with pest-control. We have seen our first

butterflies already! If you have shade-tolerant plants to spare, we will be

wanting them this autumn as we tackle the remaining areas of the garden.

Meanwhile, we held a successful ‘Munch and Mulch’ picnic in the community

orchard on 7th September, during which we had a tasting of our five flavours

of Mill Orchards apple juices (the apple and blackcurrant was especially

popular with the children, while the Laxton juice was no. 1 choice among the

adults). In and among eating and drinking, we weeded and mulched all fifteen

trees in the orchard, and identified 35 species of flowers in the new

meadow. There are just two crab apple trees still looking for someone to

care for them – if you are interested, please contact Kate Lack.