About Us

Whitbourne Village Shop is 100% community owned by its shareholders and volunteer run. The Shop is managed by a committee elected at our Annual General Meeting in July. More than 40 people are involved serving in the shop or on the committee, or helping to look after the allotments or in behind the scenes roles running our computerised stock system or promoting the business.

Nobody gets paid for working for the Shop and we’ve never missed a shift since we opened in August 2007.

That was when we moved into premises attached to the Live and Let Live pub, just up the road. But it was soon obvious that the shop was too small and we began the search for new premises. Eventually, we made a successful bid to the Local Food lottery and with the money from this plus a small grant and small loan we were able to purchase a 0.7 acre site, build and equip the Shop and also invest in a local network of producers.

You can become a shareholder for £20, which gives you equal voting rights with more than 100 local shareholders, by emailing us.