Local Food

Jar of local honey
There are four good reasons for buying local –

  • it supports local  food and drink producers and to create local jobs
  • you can enjoy fresh, seasonal food that hasn’t been meddled with
  • it helps to save fuel –fewer trips to the supermarket
  • it re-connects local  producers and consumers.

That’s why Whitbourne Village Shop is supporting and encouraging local producers and suppliers by sourcing as many products from within 30 miles as possible.  And we are always looking for new local suppliers. Leave contact details at the counter and we’ll get in touch. Note that everything we sell has to meet stringent tests of quality, appearance, consistency and competitiveness.

Week by week we aim to offer a taste of Herefordshire and neighbouring areas, including produce from Whitbourne itself. We run   displays and demonstrations and provide   recipes for you to try at home. 

What We Sell

If there’s a chance it will sell, we will stock what our customers ask for. There’s a suggestions box on the counter or you can email us. Our stock represents six years’ of customer requests plus a few ideas of our own.  As well as all the basics, we stock a wide range of tempting treats – chocolates, cakes, ice creams, wine, beer and cider. There are local fruit juices and tomato juice, and a lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. We are especially proud of our range of local produce including Severn Spot salami, Green Cow pies and pates, Drakes cakes, Broadfield Court wine and a lot more besides.